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Our video coverages

Magazine video 31

N°31: A rewarding formation and A remarkable building

Magazine video 30 export

N°30: A service that facilitates export and a well-accompanied development

Magasine video 29 GALVA UNION

N°29: An exceptional training session offered to more than 240 companies

N°28: A new service offer and an exceptional aviary

N ° 27: An exceptional convoy and a pontoon in the Pyrenees sky

N ° 26: The JAKUBOWSKI Company and the Technical Day of GALVA SUD OUEST

N ° 25: Galvanized steel sculptures and assets GALVA SUD OUEST

N ° 24: The viaduct of VIAUR and the assets of GAL’VALENCE

N ° 23: NIGLOLAND amusement park and GALVA automated lines 45

N°22: The POMA company and the EN 1090 certification of GAL’VALENCE

N ° 21: DOHA airport at QATAR and the DUPLEX guide

N ° 20: the “GALVANIZATION” guide and the construction site of the SOUTH ATLANTIC EUROPE line

N ° 19: Passivation at GALVA SUD OUEST and the COURCHEVEL Aquatic Center

N ° 18: The services of GALVA 08 and the artist CHARLES FRERE

N ° 17: MUCEM passivation and metal frameworks

N ° 16: The analysis laboratory of GALVA UNION and the facades of the hospitals of MARSEILLE

N ° 15: The encapsulation of the zinc bath at GALVA SAONE and the DUPLEX treatment for the BREST tramway

N ° 14: The development of GALVA UNION and the house with incredible architecture

N ° 13: Handling at GALVA ECLAIR and the large photovoltaic power plant on French shades

N ° 12: The Stade du LOU and the TERENEZ Viaduct

N ° 11: The surface treatment of GALVA 08 and the standard NF A 35-503 on the choice of steels to galvanize

N ° 10: The galvanizing and the powder coating of the safety equipment of the A65

N ° 9: The investment of GALVA SAONE and the protection of compressed air tanks by galvanizing

N ° 8: The galvanizing process of GAL’VALENCE and the Lycée Marcel SEMBAT

N ° 7: The carbon footprint of FRET ECLAIR and the galvanization of new cantilever

N ° 6: The investment of GALVA SUD OUEST and the development of the Parc des Sports Saint-Michel

N ° 5: The triple certification of GALVA 08 and THERMOLAC 08 and the galvanization of the Palais de la Glisse in Marseille

N ° 4: The carbon footprint of GALVA UNION and the galvanization of the Lyon tramway

N ° 3: The industrial organization of GALVA UNION and the galvanization of wind turbines

N ° 2: The takeover of the companies GALVA 08 and THERMOLAC 08 and the duplex treatment for the route of the Tamarins in Reunion

N ° 1: The galvanization of the Stade de Grenoble and the triple certification for GALVA UNION



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.