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Why galvanizing


If you are the Project Engineer you make the technical choices and attach special importance to the corrosion protection of steel that allows hot-dip galvanizing.

If you are also the end customer (Owner of the property), you must ensure proper maintenance to keep it in good condition for years, even decades.

The life of the structure and the cost of its maintenance over time are for you major concerns. Hot-dip galvanizing gives you the ideal answer with the longest service lives.

It is a durable and ecological protection.

The industrial process of galvanizing involves immersing steel parts in a molten zinc bath at 450 ° C, after careful surface preparation. Galvanization gives the resulting coating exceptional durability in a wide variety of environments.

Steels galvanized in image


  • Exceptional longevity, often over 50 years.
  • Total external and internal protection due to the integral immersion of the galvanized parts in the molten zinc.
  • A sacrificial protection in case of wounding of the coating, thanks to the stack effect produced between steel and zinc
  • Unique resistance to impact and abrasion as zinc is metallurgically bonded to steel
  • A price performance – lifetime before first maintenance unmatched thanks to the very low rate of corrosion of zinc.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.