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Do you want to paint your galvanized steel? Or simply treat them against corrosion when galvanizing does not allow it? The group GALVA UNION offers you a duplex treatment (galvanization + paint) to make you benefit from our know-how in powder coating and liquid paint. When the dimensions of your parts exceed our galvanizing capacities, we offer you the possibility to protect them by metallization sandblasting.


Your specifications tell you to powder-coat your parts ? Rely on our DECO GALVA and THERMOLAC 08 powder coating specialists to give an aesthetic finish to your structures. Both our factories, which offer you the powder coating of your parts, provide you with a duplex treatment to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetic finish of your galvanized steels. Discover our offer of powder coating and the unique range of available colors.

Builders, contractors, owners, feel free to consult the technical informations on powder coating available on our explanatory sheets. In order to better guide your choices on the finish of your structures, we advise you the best on the final treatment to apply on your structures.


Are your structures larger than our galvanizing baths ? Your steels are not galvanizable ? Or are you simply a fan of the metallization shot-blasting process? To serve you, the GALVA UNION group allows you to sand and metallize your pieces. We can apply this treatment on cast iron parts.

Offer available at DECO GALVA.


The GALVA UNION group’s duplex treatment offer is now extended to liquid paint.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.