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Hospitals in Marseille (DECOSTEEL)

Achievement : Hospitals in Marseille (DECOSTEEL)

Details of construction site

  • The company DECO GALVA has made the DECOSTEEL process decoration of the facades of four different buildings: laundry, store, sterilization and cooking. It is made, first , with a powder coating of the metal sheets, and then a decoration made by a sublimation process in the coat. Each building is decorated with a different pattern, which required a meticulous tracking of each sheet before decoration, packaging, transport and installation. In fact, for the entire wall is only one setting, it is necessary that each sheet metal component is decorated differently.
  • Realization: Logistics Division of Marseille´s Hospitals Public Assistance ( APHM )
  • Client: Marseille´s Hospitals Public Assistance ( APHM )
  • Architect: Marseille Architecture Partenaires ( MAP )
  • Facade maker: SMAC
  • Facade decoration: DECO GALVA



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.