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Metrocable Medellin (Colombia)


Construction details

  • Medellín is the second most populous city in Colombia after the capital Bogotá with more than 3,300,000 inhabitants. The urbanization of the old favelas that cover the hillsides of Medellín has resulted in the installation of lines of aerial cable which the realization was entrusted to the Grenoble company POMA. In urban transport as for the ski lifts, the pylons are galvanized by the companies of the GALVA UNION group to protect them durably from corrosion, even in demanding climatic conditions.
  • With the MEDELLN cable subway, users have a journey almost 4 times faster than by road! A fabulous time-saver for MetroCable passengers.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.