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Liquid paint


To adapt to the requirements of its customers, the GALVA UNION group has completed its offer of powder coating with a liquid paint offer of galvanized structures.

Indeed, the scope of some projects sometimes specify the liquid painting of galvanized steel structures.

This new service expands the GALVA UNION Group’s range of duplex treatment and allows us to meet the variety of requirements of the building owners and contractors on the finishing of your galvanized steels.

Presentation of the new DECO GALVA video offer

opérateur peinture liquide sur acier


This new liquid paint service offer from the GALVA UNION Group is available on the DECO GALVA plant.

DECO GALVA knows how to apply the liquid paint to all the frames that can be galvanized at GALVA ECLAIR (maximum size of 16 m long, 2 m wide and 3.20 m deep for a maximum weight of 10 tons).

When the frames are of dimensions and a weight that exceed the capacities of GALVA ECLAIR, then DECO GALVA even offers a solution to its customers by proposing them the solution of shot blasting / metallization then painting for parts up to 20 mx 4 mx 4 m.

Installed in a hall of 1700 m2, the liquid painting workshop of DECO GALVA is able to meet the specifications of customers with high requirements such as RTE, SNCF…

With the expertise of ACQPA qualified painters, DECO GALVA is able to meet the demands of its customers both in solvent paint and hydro dilutable paint, in accordance with their specifications.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.