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A 11 Guardrails


Construction details

  • The new EURO BNH2 ROADIS LPC bridge barriers, since April 2015, have secured the 2 × 2 lanes of the Illiers Combray A11 motorway in the Eure et Loire region.
    EURO BNH2, replacing the BN4, is the first French CE approved barrier for civil engineering works. The EURO BNH2 system has been designed with the aim of reducing the linear density, in order to offer devices able to reduce the weight of the bridge side structures.
  • BNH2 barriers have been fully hot dip galvanized to GALVA ECLAIR according to the ISO 1461 standard to ensure that these retainers have a long service life.
    They were then powder coated by DECO GALVA in white in order to integrate with the requests of the project owners of the A11 highway. The powder coating of these galvanized barriers had the double advantage of further enhancing the life of the system, while respecting the colour choices of the architects.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.