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Aquatic Stadium of Courchevel


Construction details

  • To open interior spaces and maintain a panoramic view of the landscape, the structure of this impressive 120 m by 80 m roof is supported by reduced supports to provide large spans that allow a perspective through the entire construction.
    Subject to heavy snow loads and located in seismic zone, the structure consists of a lattice mesh of steel beams crossed two meters high static. Breakthrough in four places, the structure is covered with shells open on the south which bring the necessary light to the interior spaces.


    GALVA ECLAIR galvanized all the metal structures of the building while DECO GALVA provided the powder coating that decorates the building.

  • Project Name: The Grand Combes Aquatic Stadium
  • Type of project: Creation of a nautical center ludico sportif and well-being
  • Architects Representatives : AUER and WEBER
  • Partner Architects : STUDIO ARCH
  • Frame Engineer Office : BOLLINGER + GROHMANN
  • Surface works: 10 000 m ² built + 10 000m ² done up outside
  • Galvanization : Nearly 2000 tons of steel structures were galvanized at GALVA ECLAIR, including large truss trusses, or staircases …
  • Powder coating : The metal frames supporting the panoramic glass facades were galvanized and powder coated at DECO GALVA.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.