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Consequences if drainage holes of tubes and parts are too small ?

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Tutorial 4: Problems and Solutions for Holes of Small Size Tubes and Hollow Parts

In this case, the immersion time of the parts can be increased so that the zinc circulates correctly everywhere. This can cause deformations.

If the size of the holes is insufficient, the zinc flows too slowly through the holes and generates sagging.

So how ?

To ensure good galvanization, the drilling diameters must have a minimum dimension according to the profiles:

– Round: Example for a tube of 8 cm it is necessary to provide 2 holes of 20 mm each.
– Square: For a tube of 8 * 8cm it is necessary to provide 4 holes of 20 mm each.
– Rectangular: For a tube of 8 * 4 cm it is necessary to provide 2 holes of 20 mm each.

Holes should be drilled as close as possible to angles and welds.

The right size, the right place for drilling is the right solution.

So, it’s up to you!
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