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Powder coating



Duplex treatment (galvanizing + powder coating) is a coating method used to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is practiced on all types of metal objects, especially on galvanized steel. This technique consists in electrostatically applying a powder paint to a metal part which has already undergone prior preparation. Baking in an oven at 200 ° C is necessary in order to polymerize the paint used. In addition to providing an additional layer of protection, the powder coating can provide an aesthetic coating to various street furniture. The GALVA UNION Group specializes in these two galvanizing and powder-coating processes and therefore offers a natural solution for the duplex treatment of your parts.

Discover the powder coating

GALVA UNION offers you a set of information about duplex processing. Find the duplex processing specification sheets available on our website and easily download the documents. Depending on the needs and technical specifications of the powder used, the quality and coating may vary. GALVA UNION recommends the use of an architectural quality polyester powder paint to obtain the best result. The aesthetics and quality of the coatings accompany their longevity.

Where to make your pieces powder coated
GALVA UNION is present everywhere in France and has a logistics service. Thus the two duplex treatment plants of the group can be used depending on the demand and your geographical area. DECO GALVA located in the center of France in the Allier at Saint Pourçain sur Sioule and THERMOLAC 08, located in the Ardennes, are at your disposal.

Receive the Guide

The GALVA UNION group provides interested persons with a guide to duplex processing. This document was created thanks to the Association GALVAZINC, with the contribution of specialists in industrial painting. The main interested parties include specifiers, galvanizers, painters and builders. The guide contains important guidelines that you must follow to ensure the quality of duplex processing. Several themes are discussed. Among them: design and manufacture, pre-treatment of the zinc surface, storage, surface treatment and assembly, reference standards, maintenance and cleaning … To obtain the guide, simply make a request to the sites of the group GALVA UNION.


DECOCEAN duplex treatment, a reference

This is a duplex treatment proposed by DECO GALVA. It is the most suitable solution for a coating that withstands demanding environments even in C5 environment categories. Thus, DECOCEAN is considered as “the reference of duplex treatments”. Discover the 6 phases of this treatment.

DECOSTEEL, for an authentic décor

The DECOSTEEL treatment is specially designed for facade decoration, interior architecture, street furniture, etc. A wide range of possibilities is available to customers according to their preferences.

Searching innovation

For people looking for originality and innovation, GALVA UNION offers something new. In this context, we propose the new shade DG 349. This shade is resistant to the tests of time and allows to value a contemporary architecture. This is just one example among a multitude of possibilities including the famous rusting DG119. Architects and building owners now have endless resources to showcase street furniture.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.