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The EN 1090 certification of GALVALENCE and POMA, world leader in cable transportation

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 22 – September 2015

  • The EN 1090 certification of GALVALENCE
  • POMA, world leader in cable transport

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the web magazine of the Galva Union Group.

We will first discover the challenge raised by GALVALENCE:. to be the first site of the GALVA UNION group to obtain EN 1090 certification.

We will illustrate with POMA, the world leader in cable transport, the reasons for this approach.

Theme 1 – GALVALENCE certification EN 1090

The obligation to CE mark metal constructions according to EN 1090 came into force on July 1, 2014. The metal manufacturers adapt themselves by changing their organization. To help them meet the new requirements they face, GALVALENCE decided in early 2015 to embark on the process of certification of its production system and was successfully audited by the CTICM in July 2015.

This certification allows GALVALENCE to support its customers builders:

– It guarantees them compliance with the requirements of EN 1090
– It improves their productivity by easing audit and revenue constraints in the factory
– It allows them to communicate positively on the professionalism of a certified subcontracting chain
– It finally allows them to integrate GALVALENCE in their CPU for a simplified management of their galvanization.

Theme 2 – POMA

World leader in cable transportation, POMA, present on five continents for more than 80 years, now has nearly 900 employees, two-thirds of whom are employed in France. Its know-how, POMA shaped it in the heart of the mountains with ski lifts, to develop then in the activities of urban transport, tourism, or leisure activities.

Jean Christophe CHOUVELLON, Supply Chain Manager:

“In its pursuit of excellence, Poma has found ways to improve its panel of suppliers of secure mechano-welded parts, particularly with regard to the small number of French EN1090 certified suppliers. Poma is therefore committed to an innovative approach, based on a collaborative continuous improvement approach, with its top 10 strategic suppliers in this segment. This working group, of which Galva Union is part, aims at the continuous improvement of its level of quality and overall industrial performance as well as the consideration of new regulatory requirements. Supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region, all project suppliers are local, thus promoting the local economic fabric. This approach supports Poma’s desire to offer sustainable and innovative transport solutions with an ever higher level of quality and safety. “

GALVALENCE has confirmed its position as a privileged partner of POMA for years for galvanizing, by taking part in the collaborative progress initiative initiated by its client, and by July 2015 obtaining its EN 1090 certification.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.