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Automation of galvanizing lines and NIGLOLAND

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 23 – December 2015

  • Automation of galvanizing lines

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the web magazine of the Galva Union Group.

We will first discover GALVA 45 which largely automated its production processes, then visit the amusement park NIGLOLAND near TROYES.

Theme 1 – Automation of galvanizing lines

Because its automotive OEM customers have always demanded scrupulous compliance with their specifications for series of thousands or even millions of parts and to ensure a consistent and identical coating for each part, Galva 45 has invested in automated processes .

With this experience, the site today meets the demand of other industrial customers demanding competitiveness and repeatability by putting at their service its automatic lines.

This automation also concerns the finishing services so that the semi finished parts delivered to the customers are perfectly homogeneous in quality.


Nigloland is an amusement park created in 1987 by Patrice and Philippe GELIS in DOLANCOURT in AUBE. It now offers 37 attractions to more than 500,000 visitors a year.

As Building Owners, the owners of the park prioritize the lifespan of equipment for optimum safety and optimized maintenance in the years to come.

DECO GALVA has been able to meet the requirements of NIGLOLAND: to offer the highest quality coating for long-term sustainable investments, in order to bring lasting happiness to young and old.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.