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A service that facilitates export and a well-accompanied development

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 30 – December 2018

Theme 1 – A service that facilitates the export

Pylons shipped worldwide,
Metallic constructions, towards the Antilles or Réunion,
EDF substations for Africa,
Photovoltaic fields towards Madagascar,
A whole range of products for export, after galvanizing or powder coating.

In order to offer its customers, the shortest way of galvanizing at the port of shipping, the companies of the GALVA UNION group offer an adapted service of containerization.
The teams at the GALVA ECLAIR, DECO GALVA, GAL’VALENCE and GALVA 45 sites have acquired the know-how necessary for the safety requirements and the guarantee of transport of the metal parts entrusted to them.

From the packing list which allows the precise pointing of the parts to be shipped, the packing with lashing straps or single use,
From the loading plan proposed by the customer or established by the site, to the installation of seals for maritime containers approved by the customs, the service is complete and thus answers the request of many customers anxious to deliver and to engage sites to export, with peace of mind.

Theme 2 – A well-accompanied development

Benoit Bianco (Serimetal)
“I think we have to put our fingers in the technological evolutions that the era offers us: digitization, automation …
I think we need to put the human in the center of the machine. A company does not advance without the men who compose it. I think you have to have a taste for risk, you have to love development, you must not be afraid of the future.”

For more than 30 years, SERIMETAL has been a steel construction company in the Lyon region. Its core business is the design, construction and installation of carpentry, industrial buildings and multi-storey offices for business parks.

With more than 3000t of steel manufactured per year, the company has automated its production line and implemented high-performance technological processes that allow it to diversify its activities.

Benoit Bianco (Serimetal)
“We wanted to obtain approval for HTTE substation for RTE in order to bring additional manufacturing volumes that were fully in line with the manufacturing capabilities of our machines. We had to show our organization’s flair, create a quality management system, and work with our galvanizers to attest to a certain quality of galvanization. “

By choosing the GALVA UNION group as a galvanizing partner, the SERIMETAL Company also facilitated access to export, thanks to the containerization service offered by the group’s companies.

Benoit Bianco (Serimetal)
“Today we are able, with the experience gained to respond more broadly and faster to the demand for electrical engineering around the post frame.”



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.