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The advantages of GALVA SUD OUEST and An artist who makes the metal vibrate Topics

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 25 – June 2017

  • The advantages of GALVA SUD OUEST
  • An artist who set the metal in motion

Welcome to the 25th edition of the web magazine of the Galva Union Group.

We will first discover GALVA SUD OUEST on a site almost entirely redone, then we will visit an artist who makes the metal vibrate.

Theme 1 – The advantages of GALVA SUD OUEST

Recent technologies, process control, respect for the environment, major advantages for GALVA SUD OUEST

Welcome to GALVA SUD OUEST . It is on a site almost entirely done again to nine that the specialist of the anti-corrosion treatment of the region of Bordeaux and the close departments, now welcomes its visitors and its customers.

After more than 5 years of important work, without interruption of service, the company of the group GALVA UNION proudly displays its investments.

– Control of the galvanizing process through the Group’s dedicated network.
– Capture and filtration of galvanizing fumes.
– Enhanced security for all.

With passivation, GALVA SOUTH WEST goes even further, and proposes to fight against moisture and white rust, thus avoiding claims due to certain defects in appearance, especially during storage.

Thus, with ever more adapted services and mastery of quality, GALVA SUD OUEST accompanies its customers, professionals and individuals, with the best assets.

Theme 2 – An artist who makes steel vibrate

It is in her workshop, in St Rémy de Chevreuse, that we met Isabelle Fauve-Piot, of scientific formation at the base, this artist was initially ceramist after 3 years at the school of the Beaux-Arts of Versailles , then chose to work steel.

Butt, steel rods 3 m long divide, assemble, extend or move away in a permanent search for balance and maturation of the work.

To date, Isabelle Fauve-Piot has galvanized two sculptures at GALVA 45, company of the group GALVA UNION.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.