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A rewarding formation and A remarkable building

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 31 – June 2019

Transmit, Share, Train : A rewarding formation

Color, Build, Converge : A remarkable building

It is in Lyon, that the number 31 of the web magazine of the group Galva Union entails us

Theme 1 – A rewarding formation

By sharing its business, its techniques and enhancing the life cycle of zinc, Galva Union acts in keeping with its societal and environmental values.

The group achieves and adapts its training actions at all levels of education, from school and high school, to the best engineering schools.

Philippe Jacquet (ECAM teacher) :

« Here we are at the ECAM,  l’Ecole Catholique des Arts et Métiers (Catholic school of art and craft) which hosts more than 200 students.

This is a conference for 2nd year students of engineering cycle, it allows them to see the application of treatments in the industry, in the contexts they will meet next year when they will go on an internship, or in their future engineering profession.»

For the attentive students, the concrete examples fit perfectly into their curriculum, on the durability of the materials and the corrosion and thus make it possible to make the future engineers aware of the use of a technique perfectly mastered and economic which answers to the specifications many construction sites.

Philippe Jacquet (ECAM teacher) :

« When we give them the concepts, theories are to wonder if what they are told is what is happening outside.

When we can have external speakers who come here to present the applications, the concrete is really important.»

By establishing this direct bridge between industry and vocational training, Galva Union is continuing its approach of transmitting know-how and societal and environmental values that the group masters perfectly.

Theme 2 – A remarkable building

Unique apartments, balconies like corridors, 180 ° vision on the upper floors, vegetable belt that brings nature to the windows.

In the heart of Lyon’s iconic Confluence district, the world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel built the Ycone residential building.

With its 14 floors and colorful glass facade, YCONE is composed of 92 dwellings, with 2 terraces on the 15th floor and 67 garages and car parks on 2 basement levels.

Specialized in the sector of metalwork and locksmith work, a true partner of architectural innovation, ALLOUIS FaceInTec has put its know-how at the service of this incredible project.

Denis Berther (Operations Manager – Allouis FaceIntec)

« It’s a building that is 60 m high which is intended for housing acquisition and rental.

We on this file, we did all the exterior facades and we are on a volume of about 800 tons of products 10,000 m2 of facades.

We have about 20 000h of studies between 80 and 90 000h of production and implementation on the site. »  

The sites of Galva Lyon Service, Gal’Valence and Galva Éclair participated, for their client, in the surface treatment of external facades,

Responding to requests for particularly demanding specifications.

Denis Berther (Operations Manager – Allouis FaceIntec)

« The main element that denotes this building, it is the inclined parts wanted that the architect Jean Nouvel calls the gills which are partially glazed metallic elements and which are solid elements vertically and the horizontal parts it is hollow tube.

So we had to have a very technical process for the galvanizing process so that the parts can slowly rise in temperature and that despite all the aesthetics is respected after galvanizing and painting. »

Faced with the proximity of office buildings, located along the tracks, the building has a slightly above average scale.

Far from being a “monument” of the city, by imposing its own identity, Ycone is a permanent member of the life of this representative district of a 21st century city …

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon for an upcoming issue of the Galva Union Group video coverage.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.