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Discover the pontoon in the sky of the Pic du Midi galvanized on our website GALVA ECLAIR

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 27 – April 2018

  • A very exceptional convoy of more than 26m long, 2m50 wide, 3m10 high and a mass of 119 tons
  • A pontoon in the sky of the Pic du Midi

An exceptional convoy, a real symbol of confidence in the future; a unique point of view in France, feet set 1000 meters above the void … Here is the number 27 of the video magazine on the web of the group GALVA UNION

Theme 1 – An exceptional convoy, a real symbol of confidence in the future

More than 26 m long, 2m50 wide, 3m10 high and a mass of 119 tons.

It is in the form of a very exceptional convoy, classified in category 3, accompanied by an escort, that the new crucible of zinc bath of GALVA ECLAIR crossed a border and 8 departments in the rigorous conditions that the law.

This new equipment reached its destination after 5 days of travel and 1200 kms traveled.

Once in place, production can resume for several years, ensuring reliability and quality of service to customers.

Theme 2 – A pontoon in the sky

Welcome to the Pic du Midi, and if you do not have the vertigo, launch to the attack of its observatory which welcomes the tourists since more than 20 years.

Daniel Soucaze des Soucaze – Director of the Pic du Midi

“In 2016 we launched a study on the redesign of the spaces of visit, and we wanted to share an experience to our customers up there; and the icing on the cake was this pontoon in the sky … “

Installed north side, it is a 12m openwork metal structure that moves into the sky.

Confronted with wind, ice, snow or sun, the visitor, 1000 meters above the void, has an unobstructed view of the South-West Plain.

Hervé Blanchard – CEO of Mecamont-Hydro

“Such an emblematic project pleases us a lot. We know very well the Pic du Midi because we have maintained the cable car for a long time.

It appeals to our three great skills.

From the design office, the design, the calculation even in conditions of snow, wind or storm, a little prototype, that’s the first thing.

In 2, we are able to manufacture this material ourselves.

And the third is that we are able to install it.

There is one skill that we do not know how to do, is galvanization. “

It is by helicopter, in delicate conditions, that the team of the company Mecamont-Hydro, based in Lannemezan, was able to concretize this unique project in France.

Hervé Blanchard – CEO of Mecamont-Hydro

“We have been able to design the welds, the assemblies, the precut parts with principles of tenons and mortises. At the level of life we ​​are relatively quiet. “

The galvanization, already very effective in the ski lifts, brings the final touch and guarantees security and longevity for this hyperbelvedere that has not finished making people talk about it.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.