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GALVALENCE, the main galvanizing site in the South of France, renovated and the Viaur Viaduct

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 24 – June 2016

  • GALVALENCE, the main galvanizing site in the South of France, refurbish
  • Viaduct of the Viaur

Welcome to the 24th edition of the web magazine of the Galva Union Group.

Theme 1 – GALVALENCE, the main galvanizing site in the South of France, redone

It has been nearly 10 years since GALVALENCE launched a major industrial investment

The equipment of the galvanizing process has been completely renovated. Process control through the Galva Union Group’s dedicated network enables continuous monitoring of surface treatment parameters and thus better control of the level of quality delivered to customers.

The safety of employees and visitors has been enhanced in the workshops as well as in the different traffic areas.

The respect of the environment is materialized by the capture and filtration of galvanizing fumes, but also results from the energy savings generated by the new high-velocity furnace.

GALVALENCE aims to be the galvanizing site of the South of France with the best assets to support its customers in their development.

Theme 2 – Viaur Viaduct

Completed in 1902, the viaduct Viaur is a vertiginous railway work completed in 1902 that crosses the Viaur valley between Rodez and Albi. Not being galvanized, it had to be repainted regularly to protect it from rust. An impressive project is currently underway to expose the steel, capture the paint that could contain asbestos and repaint once again this historic monument.

To be able to carry out these works safely, a forest of more than 1000 tons of scaffolding pieces was necessary. As they are galvanized, these scaffolds will then join other sites and allow building workers to work for a long time safely.



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