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More than 500 customers took part in an exceptional training on the occasion of the GALVA UNION Technical Days

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 29 – October 2018

An exceptional training session offered to more than 240 companies

More than 500 visitors on the 7 sites of the GALVA UNION group in 6 months.
An exceptional training session offered to more than 240 companies.
Here is the number 29, special edition of the video magazine on the web, the group GALVA UNION.
The group GALVA UNION wanted to reinforce the links with its customers by organizing on the 7 sites of the group, the Technical Days.

Technical days at GALVA UNION

Initiated in December 2017, on the site of GALVA SUD OUEST, then organized on the other sites from March to June 2018, these technical days had 3 main objectives:

  • Help the metalworkers to design their parts to galvanize,
  • Master the painting of galvanized steel,
  • Know each other better to build trust.

For GALVA UNION, it is really a question of facilitating the galvanizing and powder coating processes to its customers and partners, in 4 acts:

  • Pedagogical training on the standards and technical constraints of hot dip galvanizing, and on the application of paint on galvanized steel.
  • Concrete technical workshops, illustrated by the Tutos proposed by the group, have made it possible to highlight the basic constraints of galvanization, such as drilling or marking parts before treatment.
    The visit of the sites and the discovery of the processes made it possible to demonstrate the control of implementation and control of the surface treatment, and the decoration by powder coating, or liquid paint.
  • A final quiz confirmed the seriousness of the process, and ended, together, busy days.

Pedagogical and technical training, exchange of know-how, careful organization and teamwork have confirmed to the 240 companies present that professionalism and quality of service, for GALVA UNION, remain the key words of a constantly renewed collaboration.



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.