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More than 100 customers attended the GSO Technical Day and the testimony of Mr. Jakubowski on the development of his activity

Topics covered in this magazine n ° 26 – December 2017

  • GALVA SUD OUEST organized a technical Galvanizing and Painting Day in December for its clients
  • Partner’s words: the JAKUBOWSKI Company in Thiers

Discovery of processes, learning techniques, exchange of know-how, a guided tour.
A business leader between craftsman and industrialist who evolves his business to listen to others.
Welcome to the 26th edition of the web magazine of the Galva Union Group.

We will first discover the last visit of GALVA SUD OUEST with a hundred partners. Then we will visit David Jakubowski who will explain how he developed his activity.

Theme 1 – A well guided tour

Welcoming 100 visitors to an industrial site in full activity, this is a question of preparation, so everyone sticks to it …

By organizing its 10th day of meeting on site in 3 years, in the form of a “Technical Galvanization Day”, with the program, “How to prepare well its parts to galvanize” and “Well galvanize and paint its equipment”, the group GALVA UNION affirms its ambitions for its customers.

– Better apprehend a process where quality of work and security of men are constantly coexisting,
– Improve good technical practices for all,
– Promote the educational exchange

And the returns are good:
– ” Very good initiative”
– “There, we will visit the process. This makes it possible to realize the difficulties they may encounter “
– “This helps to better understand what is behind the terms and to better explain to customers”

All concluded in a user-friendly way by a House Quiz … within the reach of almost everyone.

A visit to better guide participants in the practice of hot dip galvanizing and powder coating.

Theme 2 – He evolves to listen to others

We went to meet David Jakubowski, a locksmith boilermaking company manager in Thiers.

“Our business has evolved through customers. And thanks, always, listening. You can say that it is a profession that is out of date, if you have gone beyond.

A job, it evolves if you want to evolve. The modernity of your profession, it remains at the level of your heart and your guts. If it does not come out of there, your job will grow old, and you will grow old with it.

It is in the showroom of his company, true showcase of his know-how in the basin of Thiers that we met David jakubowski.

Since 1996 David Jakubowski runs the company founded in 1974 by his father.
Today, his wife and 2 sons accompany him daily in an activity that is constantly evolving from craft to industry.

“We were basically locksmiths,” says Jakubowski. Tubes and profiles were used; that was my dad’s basic job. And I learned boilermaking.

And over the years, at the request of my customers, in connection with my workers too, we embarked on the framing, in the cladding, piping, window installation, installation of barriers. Our business has evolved thanks to my clients.

And thanks always to listening. “

Listening is also that of employees trained in the business in the same company, they are now 45 to evolve in 3000m2.

From the design office to the training center for professionals to drive equipment or rescuers-rescuers.

“People want metal. A metal if it is maintained, it is made for life. With metal you can do what you want. If modernity advances, you can reshape it, you can mix it with wood, with composite, with glass, stainless steel, steel, paint … And today, through the suppliers with whom we works, we can diversify …

For example, our job site this summer in Vichy:

The group GALVA UNION has developed galvanizing in emergency. Then the powder coating, reassembly, delivery. “

In only 15 days, the teams of the GALVA UNION group were able to meet the requirements of the site. Thanks to their responsiveness, the quality of the work produced and the customer-supplier listening.

“What I like to see is excellence, a smile when the work is done well.

The engine of our company is to make copies as perfect as possible; and the person who runs the business and is going to push the barriers is the customer. “



GALVA UNION is the specialist of galvanization, powder coating and duplex treatment.